Run With The Moon is a full moon series dedicated to celebrating the songs of our roots. To the life within us that often gets lost in the shadow of the daily grind, to our collective history of existence through music, the wild, the call of the human. Run with the moon is dedicated to bright night skies and to those of us who look to music as a place of refuge and belonging. If any of this sounds interesting and/or slightly unclear to you… you should join us to see how it will all unfold! We’re figuring it out too.

On the full moon we’ll be playing music and telling stories. Some people will be drinking tea, some people will be drinking whiskey. Some people may cry in their beers. We hope that at some point, some people might even dance.

Presented by The Long Road Society, hosted by Desiree Cannon, Kit Center & Sarah Rose Janko, and featuring different performers each month.